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Charter Online School

JL Tennis at Creekside Club is now proud to offer charter online schooling for high performance players who wish to train on a daily basis. Students train in the morning, go to school and eat lunch from 11 - 2 and have the option of continuing their training in the afternoon at an additional price.  Interested families can sign up online with the two recommended programs listed below:

Connections Academy



Our online instructor, Sue Davies, will assist families with school sign up and help students with the following:

  • answer curriculum specific questions

  • check on comprehension of upcoming test and quiz material

  • ensure the day's work is complete

  • help students with portfolio submissions, etc.

  • ensure a safe, distraction free classroom for each student to work

  • mark attendance each day online (on request)

The classroom has wifi, scanning, and printing.  Classroom rules include the following:

  • school follows the Charleston County academic calendar.

  • the school year ends with the start of the Belton Tennis tournament.

  • no video games, YouTube videos, etc. during class time

  • discipline issues will result in a phone call home to parents


For those students already enrolled in a home school program, schooling will continue to be handled by the family. Sue Davies can provide some assistance and help with specific questions.  Parents will continue to be responsible for accountability and attendance.

The benefits of using a charter online school are many:

  • no need to join accountability group

  • on schedule with bricks and mortar schools

  • testing through the state at a site in Charleston and on the same schedule as zoned schools

  • sports can be played through the student's zoned school

  • provides your child with the training they need to develop into scholarship-ready college player

For more information please e-mail Sue Davies or text her at 843-801-3447.

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